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General Contracting

Deck Construction Information


Reference: City of Edmonton


Construction of a uncovered deck requires a development permit and building permit if they are:

  • More than 0. 6 m (2 ft) above grade
  • Located in the rear or side yard 

Covered decks are required to follow the regulations for an Addition.

Corner Lot or Front Deck
If the deck will be developed on a corner lot property or in the front of the house contact us at 496-3100 or visit our office with a site plan, to speak with a Development Officer regarding the related regulations.

Gas Line
An uncovered deck cannot cover the gas meter or gas shut off valve.

The requirements for guardrails on uncovered decks depends on the height of the deck.

  • On decks 0. 6 m to 1. 8 m (2 ft to 6 ft) above grade, guardrails must be at least 0. 9 m (3 ft) tall.
  • On decks more than 1. 8 m (6 ft) above grade, guardrails must be at least 1. 07 m (3 ft 6 inch) tall.

All guardrails must be:

  • Built with a maximum space between vertical members of 0. 1 m (4 inch)  
  • Designed with no horizontal members between 0. 1 m (4 inch) and 0. 9 m (3 ft) above the deck floor
  • Unable to be climbed


Development permit fee is $53.

Building permit fee is $70.

The safety code fee associated with the building permit is a minimum of $4.00 or 3. 5% of the permit cost (which ever is greater) up to $500.00.


  • A development officer will review the application according to the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw. If approved, a development permit will be issued.
  • If there is a relaxation required, public notification is required. The notification period, in which your neighbours may appeal the development officer's decision, is approximately three weeks.
  • The application is then reviewed by a safety codes officer (if required) to prepare a building permit.
  • If an application is refused, an appeal can be made through the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, 2nd Floor City Hall, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton Alberta, T5J 2R7, Phone: 780-496-6079.

Application Procedure

To apply, fill in the Application form , the Deck Design Form and submit with the application fees and the following information:

  • Three copies of a site plan showing:
    1. size of property and existing buildings
    2. distance from buildings to property lines
    3. distance from proposed deck to property lines
    4. proposed deck size and location of steps

  • Elevation view showing:
    1. height from grade to top of deck floor
    2. height of railing
    3. stair details, (if applicable)

  • Scaled cross-section view with:
    1. size and depth of deck foundation
    2. size of beam and number of piles
    3. size and spacing of joists
    4. material used for decking and
    5. guardrail details


For more information:

Customer Information and Advisory Section

Planning & Development Department
5th floor, 10250 101 St
Edmonton AB  T5J 3P4


311 or if outside Edmonton 780-442-5311

Fax 780-496-6054

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